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Transportation Spend Analytics

Empower your team with data that delivers.

ConData’s powerful reporting and dashboards summarize key metrics and offer drill-down capabilities to invoice line-level detail, giving you the transportation spend analytics you need to make sound business decisions.

Monitor and manage your transportation spend with our Executive Summary Dashboard. Developed to show what’s most critical, our dashboard tiles are layered to allow easy self-service and navigation to detailed reports.
View Shipments View shipments by business unit, carrier, priority type and more with our donut graph.
Date Ranges Stay on top of your spend with year over year analysis of specific date ranges.
Late Shipments Set appropriate targets and dive into detailed reports to understand late shipment causes.
Opportunities Identified See what additional savings ConData has identified with our actionable premier analytics and potential contract improvements.
Monitor Trends Monitor critical trends like average cost per pound.
Shipment Weight and Zone Visualize your shipments by weight and zone to understand rates and surcharge implications.

Logistics Data Visibility

Spend Visibility

Stay on top of hidden cost drivers and trends and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Carrier Performance

Dive into late deliveries to efficiently plan for disruption and manage customer expectations.

Weekly Invoice Summary

What gets measured, gets improved with our weekly invoice summary.

Sixty-three percent of respondents in the 2021 Supply Chain Insights Global Survey from IHS Markit said their companies “lacked the necessary data, platforms and technology needed to make critical cost-saving decisions.” Make your transportation spend management easier when you get more from your data.

Cost Savings and Process Optimization

Demystify Complex Parcel Pricing

Monitor how well your negotiated contract is performing for you and target meaningful discounts.

Optimize Shipping Strategy and TMS

Refine your shipping behaviors with real cost data.

Audit Recoveries

With our specialized freight and parcel audit, effortlessly improve your bottom line and correct carrier errors to avoid over-paying for your shipping.


Average percent of parcel charges hidden in assessorial fees or surcharges


Total transportation spend typically recovered through specialized audit


Total cost savings achieved by analyzing spend, optimizing operations and negotiating better rates

Save with our transportation spend analytics.

Whether you ship freight or small parcels, you’ll receive the data you need to monitor your spend, negotiate better contracts and manage customer expectations. Start making more sound supply chain decisions today.

Ask for a transportation spend analysis.

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