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Shipping is Complex.

With small parcel, the complexity only grows. Up against the consolidated power of two primary carriers—FedEx® and UPS®—you may be left wondering whether you’ve negotiated a fair contract and whether the myriad of shipping invoices you receive are correct.

In order to not be taken advantage of, shippers need to thoroughly examine shipment costs. But it is difficult and time consuming to knowledgeably negotiate contracts, build data dashboards and handle claim recoveries.

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That’s Where ConData Comes In.

We have the expertise, data set and analytical tools you need to attain complete transparency. As the global leader in freight and small parcel shipping audit solutions, we have a long history of reducing costs for our clients and a long history of improving their bottom line.

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Parcel Contract Optimization

FedEx and UPS have all the pricing power. They set contractual terms and rates most favorable to them and can change service definitions or suspend guarantees mid-contract.

You need a team of experts on your side. ConData’s specialists, having vast industry experience, understand the intricacies of how carriers operate. We empower you with data and insights, so you negotiate the best possible contract. We also provide assistance with RFQs, regional carriers, contract language and measuring the ongoing cost impact.

With our parcel contract analysis and negotiation assistance, you can expect to save up to 30% of your total parcel shipping spend, with minimal time or effort.

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Comprehensive Small Parcel Audits

Think of ConData much like you would a tax accountant. You can do your own taxes, but that takes time, and if you miss valuable deductions, you may leave money on the table. The same is true for shipment audits. Like an accountant doing your taxes, ConData can conduct a small parcel audit in a fraction of the time with better returns.

Using a robust database and advanced technology, our multi-point audit platform flags errors and incorrect charges. We then submit claims and manage the refund process to ensure quick reimbursement.

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Data that Delivers

Strategic shipping spend management depends on accurate, detailed data and top-tier software to analyze cost effectiveness. But more often than not, shippers lack both.

With ConData’s custom-built business intelligence platform, learn how to reduce shipping costs and manage your spend through:

Visualize Your Opportunities

Clear reports to visualize and interact with your shipment data

Easy monitoring of carrier costs, compliance and performance

Actionable insights to avoid unnecessary costs and prevent repeat errors

Accurate forecasting and shipment trend analysis

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Streamlined Solutions that Save You Money

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of your small parcel contract and invoices, along with recommendations on how to reduce shipping costs. If you’re serious about managing your parcel spend, let us show you how to reduce shipping costs and get the best market rates.

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