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What is freight post audit?

A freight post audit is a comprehensive historical and go forward analysis after payment to your Carriers.  A post audit compliments your current process whether internal or outsourced to a freight audit and payment provider or other partner(s).  ConData conducts a deep dive into contract terms and rates, payment detail and shipment/invoice data-every element of the final freight bill.

Why should my company post audit?

Freight vendors make a lot of errors and most of those errors are not in your favor. Having a freight post audit in place provides a highly effective way to discover key metrics concerning your freight spend and processes.  The average recovery on freight post payment and billing errors ranges from 1% to 5% of your total freight spend.

What is required to perform a post audit?

ConData’s focus is on maximizing net recoveries.  To perform a comprehensive post audit, ConData requires a copy of all Carrier contracts and rates as well as payment and shipment/invoice data.

What modes of transportation can you post audit?

ConData’s global freight post audit encompasses all transportation modes, for domestic and international shipments, worldwide. This includes truckload, less-than-truckload, rail and intermodal, ocean and barge, air freight, parcel shipments and duties;  covering inbound and outbound lanes.

What is the recovery for a post audit?

ConData’s average savings for our global freight post audit can vary (0.5-5%), depending on the mix of shipment modes audited. On average, our clients can expect to save 1-2% of their total transportation spend.

What information does a post audit provide?

A comprehensive transportation audit provides increased visibility and insight into your freight spend, processes and partners.  ConData provides cutting edge analytical intelligence which allows our Clients to initiate process improvements and best practices.

How often are post audits conducted?

ConData provides freight post auditing services on a continuing basis. Virtually all our Clients are long term partnerships that maintain the post audit as a secondary support for their transportation process.

What is the cost for a post audit?

ConData conducts our post audit services on a contingent fee structure.  If we do not recover an overcharge, there is no fee for our service.

How will a post audit work with my current process?

ConData provides full freight post audit services to Clients who utilize internal processing or outsource to a freight audit & pay provider (FAP), 3PL or other partners.  For a comprehensive post audit, ConData requires a copy of all Carrier contracts and rates as well as payment and shipment/invoice data.  For those entities utilizing an outsourced solution (FAP, 3PL, etc.), we can obtain most everything needed for the post audit directly from your provider.

How is data protected?

ConData stands out in the industry by providing the highest level of data security to our Clients and Partners.  We are SSAE 18 certified and undergo annual compliance audits by a third party to protect our Clients’ data from corruption, loss or misuse.

How does ConData handle the reimbursement process?

ConData offers Carrier Credits, an alternative to physical checks that simplifies the reimbursement process. ConData identifies the error, submits a claim for carrier approval and then creates a custom report with the necessary information. Learn more about Carrier Credits here.
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