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Our Technology

ConData Global leads the industry in the use of advanced freight and parcel audit technology.

Our revolutionary and proprietary freight audit system has proven time and time again to ensure maximum recoveries for hundreds of different rating and payment errors. Utilizing our custom-built software, our professionals design customized best-in-class solutions for each of our clients no matter what the need may be. In short, our industry leading and unique technology allows our audit staff to perform the most advanced and thorough freight post audit service in the world.

Invoice Intelligence & Analytics

Providing the tools and visibility our customers want in order to understand their business is important to us.

Our website’s Invoice Intelligence and Analytics tool utilizes our CPAS technology and is available to all of ConData’s customers. Our web portal provides easy access to all open, paid, and canceled claims along with the claim’s payment and freight bill information. Customers have the ability to generate the reports needed to manage their transportation dollars, and track where carriers have made the most errors. In addition, clients can create customized graphics that fit their everyday needs using their claims and payment data for important meetings or even to better understand how to both negotiate and win better contracts with benchmarking capabilities tied into the tool.


Providing the cybersecurity our customers demand to protect their data is important to us.

We receive millions of EDI records, payment files, contracts and rates each year from our customers. ConData Global maintains strict security standards for the receipt and transmission of this valuable data. Our systems support various encryption platforms to secure various data transfers. We continually update our security features and policies in order to stay current with international network and security standards including:

Data Transmission Encryption

Data at Rest Encryption

Multi-factor Authentication

File Authorization/
Transmission Protocols

Active Directory Controls

Our best-in-class web portal allows clients full access to view and generate a multitude of reports and their corresponding claims in real time. In addition to this unique feature, ConData Global also provides access to the web portal to our customers’ carriers and payment companies. Carriers who want their claim information are given secure access to all of their claims with a multitude of sorting options. We achieve the highest collections in the industry because we provide the carriers with all of the required data elements needed to pay their claims in a timely manner. ConData works with Third Party Audit and Payment companies directly to ensure information is both timely, accurate, and provided securely.

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