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Our History

ConData Global has a history of being the largest and most respected provider of freight post audit and recovery services in the world.

ConData was founded in 1956 by two brothers with a truck and a vision. We’ve come a long way since then, but our passion for our work and commitment to our clients has stayed true. Explore how our growth through the years has given us a firm foundation for the future.


Continental Freight Traffic Services was established by one man operating out of his “auditing room” in the basement of his house in Harvey, IL.


Realizing the growth potential, the founder’s brother bought into the company as co-owner. They moved into a proper office space in Blue Island, IL, as the brothers started to build out their team. The first full-time freight auditors were hired.


The company was transformed with the influx in clients as sales efforts rose, and renamed Continental Freight Data Systems (aka ConData) as the emphasis was placed on technology.


After the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 was passed, deregulating the trucking industry, experts believed businesses like ConData would become obsolete; however, we adapted, and took this industry change in stride. It was the dawn of the Digital Revolution and the company was investing in programs that would help automate portions of the auditing process.


ConData offered pre-auditing services to its clients for four years, starting in 1995. Through this process we gained a better understanding of payment processes, and we were able to adapt that technology to better our post auditing systems. This led to improvements in reporting and processing digital files.


We began using CPAS, and internal claims management tool created by our Information Technology team. This allowed us to more thoroughly track claims through every stage of the claim cycle, which resulted in greater recovery potential for our clients.


By the late 1990’s ConData had more than doubled in size, and projections for the new millennium were encouraging.


At the 50-year mark, the company was thriving, with a growing clientele list that included 2 Fortune 50 companies. Since then we have gained more clients of this caliber, and most of our clients can be found on the Fortune 500.


ConData completed its first SOC 1 (SSAE 16) Type 2 examination, and has continued to complete annual SOC 1 Type 2 examinations.


ConData was acquired by the private equity firm NextGen, with the intent to push the company to its full potential. Under new leadership our processes were streamlined, and our efficiency continues to grow.


ConData is proud to be the industry leader in freight post-audit technologies. Moving into the future with a new look, our core values remain the same, quality of service we provide to our clients only continues to strengthen and our service offerings grow

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