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Shipping Contract Optimization

Is Your Parcel Contract Optimized?

Too many freight and parcel contracts are designed to benefit the carrier. You can even the playing field with ConData as your freight and shipping contract negotiation partner.

Using your data and our market knowledge, we help you optimize your rates with tailored discounts and protective language. Our process kicks off with a free contract assessment and can take as little as 4 weeks from start to finish.

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Why partner with ConData?

Decades of experience:

With 65 years of transportation audit experience, we’ve literally seen it all. We’ll make sure nothing slips through in the fine print.

Decades of experience: With 65 years of transportation audit experience, we’ve literally seen it all. We’ll make sure nothing slips through in the fine print.

Time is money: We offer a true white-glove experience. ConData will craft formal letters, RFPs, responses, and cost analysis across carrier options. We’ll even type your emails. All you’ll have to do is hit send.

It’s all about you: With our deep analysis of your shipping profile, we help you achieve the best total costs and offer ongoing contract evaluation as market conditions change.

Zero risk: We get paid from the savings we achieve for you—which means our shared interest makes us a natural extension of your team.

Customer Testimonial


“With shipping costs increasing, ConData helped us negotiate better discounts mid-contract. We’re now saving 24% over our competitors’ parcel costs in 2021. It was painless and a huge win for our team.”

– Jamie Shah, COO The Spice House


Will I need to switch carriers?

If you prefer your existing carrier, ConData will help you negotiate the best possible rates with them. We can also evaluate the potential value of switching primary carriers or diversifying your carrier mix. We’ll provide you with the necessary analysis to make informed decisions.

Will this affect my carrier relationship?

ConData supports you 100% behind the scenes with cost analysis and contract language review – allowing you to negotiate substantial savings with ease. Understanding what is most important to carriers, our team will push for the best total costs without jeopardizing your relationship.

I just signed a new contract. Should I wait to renegotiate?

No, we can help you analyze your contract at any time. Since costs increase annually and new fees and surcharges are frequently introduced mid-contract, it’s critical to review and potentially negotiate your contract annually. Our free contract analysis will help you plan for optimal negotiation strategy and timing.

How can you help me avoid all these increases?

Carrier agreements include A LOT more than just rates. Terms and conditions can detail rebates, annual increases, assessorials, earned revenue tiers, and early termination clauses – negotiating contract language provides opportunities to control shipping costs and mitigate the endless cost increases.

Your Parcel Contract Negotiation Solution

Ready to cut your shipping costs? Contact us today for a free assessment of your contract!

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