Second Post Audit

Why a Second Post Audit


A second freight post audit is employed by shippers with an overall transportation spend in excess of $100M annually or for those who want to know whether their first post audit is effective. Although the second post audit will sometimes be limited by the contractual statutes, our proprietary technology will identify all issues that are either within the statute or have no time limitations (e.g. duplicate payments). In either case, a second post audit captures still more funds via the most comprehensive audit process in the industry. In addition, a second post audit can produce information that positions you to make effective strategic decisions in these critical areas:

  • Supply chain performance
  • Total delivered cost management
  • Carrier performance
  • Transportation contract negotiations
  • Purchasing best practices

Condata’s superior proprietary technology and process for post audits will find a multitude of errors not identified by your current post audit provider.

Simply provide us with your electronic freight bills and payment files and we will do the rest -- our second post audit is free if we don't find any savings.