International Audit

With working relationships with every major national and international carrier, Condata Global is the world leader in freight post audit services.

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Our International Freight Post Audit


For over thirty years, Condata Global has been performing international freight audits for our multinational clients as part of our primary freight post audit service. Our international audit provides the expertise you require for all of your imports and exports across the globe. Our world class audit staff and cutting edge IT resources combine to look for hundreds of different payment, rating and contract errors as part of the most extensive and thorough international freight post audit in the industry.

European Freight Post Audit

Condata Global offers the experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology needed by our customers with European shipments as well. Our European audit service is the right solution for those clients who have intra-European shipments or global shipments originating from or destined to Europe. An experienced member of Condata Global's team will walk you through the steps you need to take to start your European freight post audit today!

Latin American Freight Post Audit

In addition to our European post audit services, Condata Global also provides our Latin American freight post audit solution for those clients with import/export needs to and from Latin America, as well as intra-Latin American shipments. Whether your shipments originate in, or are destined for, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico or another Central or South American country, Condata Global's freight post audit is the solution for you.

Asian Freight Post Audit

Condata Global is currently offering freight post audit for all import/export from and to Asia as well as intra-Asia for electronic payment and invoicing records. For more information on any of our international service offerings, please contact us at 708-995-7530 or