Freight Post Audit

Condata Global is the leader in freight post audit services, the standard by which all other post audit companies are judged.

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Freight Post Audit Solutions


Our freight auditors excel in domestic and international post audit solutions for numerous shippers, all on a contingency fee basis. Our best-in-class freight audit covers all transportation modes including truck, rail, air, ocean and parcel and encompasses intermodal and international shipments (import/export) using our industry leading proprietary freight audit technology. Condata Global supports your financial compliance requirements and helps you control your transportation costs within contractual time limits to capture maximum results.

Freight Post Audit

Literally hundreds of different types of payment, rating and contractual errors occur in the normal course of paying freight bills for larger shippers. A freight audit after payment can identify and recover up to 2-3% of your shipping costs.

Improve your financial performance and turn your routine practices into best practices with Condata Global. We will work with your established freight payment provider (or in-house staff) in order to initiate the audit. Our expert freight auditors and our industry leading technology will thoroughly review your rates, contracts, and payments and perform an audit of all of your EDI, paper freight bills, images and other backup documents that are available. We will then report the freight audit results to you via our web portal along with our best-in-class monthly reporting.

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