Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for a freight post audit?

Condata Global works on a contingency fee basis which means you pay us nothing unless we recover money from the carriers on claims we file. There are no hidden fees or service charges.

How long has Condata been in the Freight Post Audit business?

Condata Global has been providing freight post audit services since 1956, and the average experience of our audit staff is over 18 years with our company. Although we have been auditing freight bills for over 60 years, we are always seeking ways to improve our audit, our technology, and the ways we serve our customers.

Assuming I want to begin a post audit, what steps do I need to take?

After signing our standard post audit agreement, we would request that you give authorization to your freight payment company (if you have one) to provide us with EDI invoice data, payment/refund information and paper freight bills. In addition, we would request a copy of your carrier contracts/agreements.

What type of recoveries can we expect if we begin a freight post audit?

The amount of funds we recover on your behalf will vary from company to company and depends in part on the effectiveness of the pre-audit and freight payment function. With that said, Condata Global generally finds recoveries up to 2.0% of our customers' overall freight spend.

Do you provide freight payment and/or pre-audit services?

We do not provide any freight payment or pre-audit services - post audit is all we do. Part of Condata Global's value proposition is the fact that we provide an independent freight post audit for our customers with no other motive than providing a best-in-class post audit.

Do you have a web portal?

We actually have two portals.

Our customer portal provides full accessibility to our clients to view a multitude of reports and the actual claims associated with them. This report generation tool found on our website provides access to any (and all) open, paid and cancelled claims with some freight bill information provided. There are a variety of sorting functions available as well.

We also have a carrier portal that allows carriers to view their claims and generate reports as needed. Essentially, the carrier portal provides the same level of information to the carrier as what we provide to our customers. We believe this feature allows carriers to pay their claims in an efficient and timely manner.

Do you perform audits of international shipments?

Condata has been performing international audits for decades, and in fact most of the audits we perform for our customers today have a large international component.

Do you perform audits for intra-European shipments? Intra-Latin American shipments? Intra-Asian shipments?

Yes, Condata Global performs intra-European and intra-Latin American audits, as well as electronic payment and invoicing audits for shipments moving intra-Asia.