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About Condata Global

Condata Global is the largest and most respected provider of freight post audit and recovery services in the world. Established in 1956, Condata Global began doing business as Continental Freight Traffic Services. In 1973, Condata Global‘s leadership renamed the company Continental Freight Data Systems as technology began to drive the vision of the company. This name was later shortened to Condata Global which is the name our clients know us by today.

The majority of Condata’s clients are Fortune 500 companies and the scope of our freight audit service includes all domestic and international shipments. We perform US domestic freight audits as well as intra-European, intra-Asian, and intra-Latin American audits for our clients. Condata Global provides unparalleled expertise in all transportation modes where our industry leading audit staff utilize our state-of-the-art technology to perform our audits.

Our Team

John Byrne, CEO

John Byrne

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Byrne joined Condata’s management team in 2007, coming to us from Underwriters Laboratories where he served as their Vice President Consumer Products and as their global Vice President Operations. John also served as President and CEO of Integral Sciences prior to its acquisition by ITS.

Linda Abraham, Vice President Customer Service

Linda Abraham

VP Customer Service

Ms. Abraham has served with Condata for over thirty years. She is responsible for answering all customer questions related to our post audit service. Linda has extensive experience in the pre audit and post audit space and is the main point of contact as we implement new audits.

Chuck Fry, Vice President Audit Operations

Chuck Fry

VP Audit Operations

Mr. Fry has been in the transportation industry for over thirty years and has served with Condata for over twenty. Chuck has expertise in both pre audit and post audit; he manages Condata’s audit department and audit staff and interfaces with clients on technical audit issues.

Mike Mucha, Vice President IT

Mike Mucha

VP Information Technology

Mr. Mucha serves as Condata's Vice President of Information Technology. Mike has been with the company for over twenty years, originally coming to Condata from a programming and systems background in the pre-audit space.

The Condata Difference

LaptopGlobal Leader

Condata Global has been in the freight post audit business since 1956 and is the recognized global leader in freight audit solutions.

iPhoneMulti Format

We perform comprehensive audits on EDI, electronic payment files and paper freight bills and their images for all freight bill overpayments.

CogAll Modes

Condata performs freight audits for all modes of transportation including both domestic and international shipments.

ChemicalTop Tier Clients

Condata audits more Fortune 10, Fortune 50, and Fortune 100 companies than any other provider in the world.

ApplicationsBalanced Process

Condata employs a balanced audit process with our experienced audit staff and state-of-the-art electronic audit capabilities.

GlobeIT Infrastructure

Condata employs proprietary software that is updated continually to reflect the current trends in the freight audit industry.


We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we have with our customers and our customers’ freight payment companies and carriers.

Light BulbSingular Focus

Freight post audit is, and always has been, our only service offering. All of our staff, technology, and focus is dedicated to your freight audit.